'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Shares Fascinating Videos Featuring 'Extra-Ordinary' Cast

FX has shared two mini-docs featuring the “extra-ordinary” cast members of “American Horror Story: Freak Show:” Mat Fraser, who plays “Paul The Illustrated Seal,” and Rose Siggins, “Legless Suzi.”

Watch both the mini-documentaries and learn about the incredible cast of “Freak Show” here.

i appreciate that instead of just using these people for shock value, they are treating them like human beings and telling their stories.

"I am tired of trying to fill up my empty spaces
with things I don’t need and people I don’t

Beau Taplin || E m p t y   S p a c e s 

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"A savage is not one who lives in the woods, but the one who destroys it."


My dad recently told me, “There are many people who will put you down. Don’t be one of them.”

And that sticks with me every single day.

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